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Puthandu or Tamil New Year is the festival of the New Year observed by the people in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry in India. Tamils in Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Mauritius and Singapore too watch this day with pomp and eagerness. This extremely propitious event is otherwise called Varusha Pirappu. It is for the most part trusted that on this promising day, Lord Brahma began his manifestations, subsequently the day is thought to be astoundingly sacred.

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Following the Vernal Equinox or the Mesha Sankranti, this date ought to have been closer March, yet is currently commended some place in the conventional Hindu month of Chaitra or April as per the Gregorian schedule. It is for the most part seen on the fourteenth of April as indicated by the Gregorian logbook and is an open occasion in Tamil Nadu. In this way generally the Tamil New year begins on the fourteenth of April, which is the Kali Yuga 5118.

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Puthandu is the New Year for the Tamil observed in the month of Chitterai, which is likewise the main month of the Tamil Solar schedule. On the most recent day of the most recent year, which is on the eve of Puthandu, all Tamilian family set up a plate. This plate is loaded down with three sorts of natural products – mango, banana and jackfruit, areca nuts and couple of betel leaves, gold or silver adornments, a mirror, some money or cash , rice, coconuts and blooms are kept. This is to be seen the main thing in the morning. This convention is known as the kanni, which freely converts into promising sight. Individuals trust that a propitious sight will lead the year to be promising and satisfying. Post the Kanni, individuals have a purging shower and throng to the sanctuaries to look for heavenly gifts.

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The houses are altogether brightened with excellent and brilliant kolams. In the focal point of the Kolams is a light called the kuthuvillakku. This light is lit since it is immovably trusted that it is that the loght of this light will disperse all darkness.Another highlight of the Puthandu is the perusing of the Panchangam or the chronological registry. This is a customary movement where individuals all sit together alongside the most elderly individual who peruses out from the chronological registry about the following year.

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In the sanctuary city of Madurai the month long festival called the Chithirai Thiruvizha is commended. It is the longest festival on the planet and continues for a month. The initial 15 days is devoted to the Goddess Meenakshi and the rest 15 days is for Alagar, who is venerated in a type of Lord Vishnu. Enormous shows and fairs are held called Chitterai Porutkaatchi, which in the southern piece of Tamil Nadu is called will be known as the Chittirai Vishu.To commend this promising New Year, individuals all wear new garments and the best of luxuries are cooked in the Tamilian family units. The highlight of the celebration is the utilization of the Maanga Pachadi. This is an interesting planning made out of Jaggery, crude mangoes and Neem blossoms. It is a taste which is self-contradicting and harsh all in one, speaking to the different parts of life and how it ought to be met and brought with equivalent equanimity.In the night individuals visit their companions and relatives to trade merriments of the New Year and wish each other with Puthandu Vazthukal which implies Happy New Year.A immense and stupendous auto celebration is hung on this day at Tiruvadamarudur close Kumbakonam. Various celebrations are likewise seen in spots like Tiruchirapalli, Kanchipuram and so forth.

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In Sri Lanka, the Sri Lankan Tamils watch this day with the primary money related managing of the day called Kai-vishesham. It is a convention where the seniors give some cash to the adolescents as a characteristic of endowments. They additionally wash up called the maruthu-neer' and watch arpudu, or the principal furrowing of the field with a specific end goal to plan for a decent reap. The Sri Lankan Tamils watch and take after the season of Punya Kalam to begin all favorable work. In Malaysia and Singapore additionally this day is marked with prayers, festivities and a lot of fanfare.

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