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Hindu New Year is celebrated according to Hindu Lunar Calendar-Panchanga. The well known name of the Hindu New Year is Vikram Samvat. In the Indian Calendar, seasons take after the sun, months take after the moon and days both sun and moon. This period of Vikram Samvat started in 57 BC. To relate with the sun oriented timetable, 57 years are subtracted from the Hindu Year. Therefore, the New Year start with the main day of Kartik Maas taking after Deepawali Amaavasya.

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History of Vikram Samvat

The inception of Hindu New Year identifies with the amazing Hindu King Vikramaditya in 57 BC. As per the legend, King Gardabhilla (in twelfth century CE) snatched a pious devotee by the name of Saraswati. She was the sister of the well known Jain minister Kalakacharya. The defenseless minister looked for help of the Saka ruler in Sakasthana to crush Gardabhilla. He was crushed and spellbound by the Saka King. Despite the fact that later discharged yet Gardabhilla resigned to the woods where he was slaughtered by a tiger. His child, Vikramaditya (raised in the woods) later attacked Ujjain and pushed out the Sakas. Subsequently, to commend this occasion, he celebrated another period called Vikram Samvat.

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Hindu New Year Celebrations

Diverse religions are drilled in India as are the festivals of different celebrations. Hindu New Year is commended with exhilaration and ceremony all over India. Verve of the celebration can be seen for the most part among the general population of North India and Gujarat. New Year in Southern India likewise stress the Hindu New Year however the date and New Year conventions fluctuate.
• Punjab : New year begins on 13th April.
• Assam : New year begins on 14th or 15th of April.
• Bengal : New year begins on 14th or 15th April.
• Gujarat : New Year begins on Karthik Shukla Pratipada.
• Kerala : New year begins in the month of Medam (on the day when the Sun enters in the star grouping Leo).
• Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka : New Year falls on Chaitra Shuddha Prathipade.
• Sikkim : New Year begins on eighteenth day of the tenth month of the Tibetan Lunar Calendar.
• Maharashtra : New Year begins in the month of Chaitra
• Tamil Nadu : New year begins on thirteenth or fourteenth of April.

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Individuals light oil lights and improve the house with propitious blooms those with the shading like pink, red, purple or yellow. Rangoli configuration is additionally an appealing a portion of New Year designs. Indians rise at a young hour in the morning, wash up and wear new garments. They bring home divinities of Goddess Laxmi (Goddess of riches) and Lord Ganesha. Petitions are offered and prasad is appropriated among the relatives. At the season of New Year, blessings and desserts are exchangd with each other. Individuals consider this celebration to be a promising time to start New Year.

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Happy New Year Messages In Hindi

"Day by day teri khusiyan ho jayen double,
Teri zindagi sey delete ho jayen sarey trouble,
Khuda rakkhey hamesha tujhey smart and fit,
Terey liye New Year ho super-duper hit!!"

"Phuool khiltey rahen zivan ki rah mein,
khushi chamkti rahey apki nigah mein,
har kadam pey miley khushi ki bahar apko,
ye dost deti hey naye saal ki shubhkamnaye apko.
Happy New Year 2017"

"Aa gaya haiy nayaa saal
Is naye saal mein aao karen kaamana key
ye sabhi ko rakhey khushahaal
jo hain gareeb or kangaal
unko bhi ye bana dey maalaamaal
Desh key bhrashtaachaar ko mita dey
or ley aaye eik majboot Lokpaal
Naya saal mubarak."

"Beet gaya jo saal bhul jaiye,
Es nay saal ko galey lagaiye,
Kartey hain dua hum rab sey sar jhukakey…
Es saal kay sarey sapney puray hon aapkey.
*Naya saal mubarak*"

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