Wednesday, November 2, 2016

2017 Happy New Year Top New Messages Status Greetings Quotes Ecards For Friends

New year is about beginning over again and understanding your fantasies. In this way, how about we raise a toast to a Happy New Year and considerably more joyful beginnings. Take motivation from these quotes to help you begin and on the off chance that you are roused enough, impart your eagerness to your friends and family.

* "A great starting makes a decent end"
* "Drink from the well of yourself and start once more"
* "This is new year. A fresh start. Also, things will change"
* "The starting is the most vital part of the work"
* "Something is going to leave this. Something new. This can end you up in a radical new place—a superior place, a considerably more open place"
* "And now we respect the new year, brimming with things that have never been"
* "For a year ago's words have a place with a year ago's dialect, And one year from now's words anticipate another voice. What's more, to make an end is to make a starting."

New Year 2017 Greetings Friends

Happy New Year 2017 Top New Greetings Quotes

— Wishing you an ggreat, prosperous, happy, healthy, brilliant, delightful, lively and to a great degree Happy New Year 2017.

— New Year is not about changing the dates but directions; it's not about changing the schedule but rather responsibility; it's not about changing the activities but rather disposition. May every single day of yours is renewed with lots of happiness and love.

— May the bad times you faced in the year 2016 be your stepping stones to achievement and may you be honored with many happy moments in 2017. Happy New Year.

2017-New Year Quotes Ecards Friends

New Year 2017 Ecards And Messages For Friends

1. New Year be the best ever
Filled with joy, love, laughter
Fun, Humor, cheer!
My dear happy new year

2. As the new year blooms,
may the journey of your life
be fragrant with new opportunities,
Your Days be splendid with new trusts
and, your heart be content with affection!
Happy new year dear friend

Happy New Year 2017 Top New Messages

3.Hope the New Year
Sweetens up your life..
With Joys and Surprises..
Satisfaction and Success..
Light up Your Life..
Great Health and Good Times
Happy New Year

4. As the new year blossoms,
may the journey of your life
be fragrant with new opportunities,
Your Days be bright with new hopes
and your heart be happy with love!
Happy new year dear friend.

2017 New Year Top New Greetings